Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The Seven Ages of Woman

Bobbie Bale's collection of work resonates with all my own deep memories from childhood to contemporary adult woman. At first it is slightly shocking to see those moments freeze framed that have been so personally fixed in your own psyche. At the same time there is the recognition and the confirmation that you weren’t the only one to have experienced the journey illustrated before you. I think Bale is very clear about what she means here and that authority is very reassuring.

The creative reverie that waits for you is about the spaces in which we live – corners, wardrobes, wombs, attics, cellars, nests. It is so blindly obvious what Bale has done here it makes you wonder why there is so little out there artistically on such an important aspect of the human feminine life. The painter inspires daydreams; you will suddenly find yourself off daydreaming about your own spaces. Bale has treated her subject with sensitivity and clarity of thought, taking the viewer through the various dimensions and aspects of intimate space.

Go and see this extraordinary collection. It will tell you more about the spaces you live in, but before you go visit Bobbie Bale's web site

The Seven Ages of Woman
Wednesday 4th February to Saturday 28th February
Havant Arts Centre, East Street Havant PO9 1BS